My Process

Looking for Accounting Help?
I have the expertise to solve business problems and answer your questions.

…Tell me your problem.
……Answer some questions for me.
………I will give you my first impression.
…………You tell me whether you want to talk further.
Let’s make a plan to move you forward.

Call me to talk about what you need and we can develop a plan where I can be at your business and get started. You may need me to look at everything from the software set-ups and every entry ever made, or come in and go through the Trial Balance and assist with showing support for the balances prior to an audit, to produce financial statements with a cash flow statement and footnote disclosures, or anything in-between.

Your business is your dream. We can review processes and develop a monthly close package including some key performance indicators to help you run your business proactively. I can come in weekly, monthly or as needed to keep the progress on track and to provide you with the information you need to run your business.

We can look over, or document if they do not exist, your controls such as Separation of Duties, Invoice Approvals, Signing Authority and so on. What makes me unique is I can mentor and train your employees at their your site, provide them with reconciliation and support schedules and show them how to use them. You will see improvements in what your staff can do for you.

Be realistic in assessing your needs. If you are way behind, it is definitely more cost effective to hire folks with lower billing rates to come in and help with process improvements and clean-up. We will do a solid assessment of your needs and figure out the best approach to proceed. When you are stuck in a situation and need assistance to gain a new perspective, I can help you tackle the issue from a different angle, and support you through a challenging time. I work with you.

Accountants always need to grasp the BIG PICTURE and the DETAILS because we still need to explain accounting to non-accountants, everyday.

When you need someone to ask, call me. I can help.